Charlie Engen

Five Finger Death Punch | Scale the Summit | Ideology | Educator | Session | Touring

Drummer for Five Finger Death Punch, Scale the Summit, and Ideology | St. Paul



I was born in Fergus Falls, MN on February 12, 1985. I currently reside in Saint Paul, MN. Receiving a drum set for my second birthday, drums have been my main passion in life for as long as I can remember. Going to McNally Smith College of Music for my Masters degrees in Percussion Performance, I have focused on creating my own playing style combining elements of progressive metal, funk, Latin, and West African rhythms. My goal is to utilize the many different approaches and rhythmic tools to bring my percussive voice to its optimum level. I continue to push my own physical limitations daily, and hope that my playing style represents these concepts in a unique and musical way. I have been teaching drums for 15 years and currently teach private and Skype lessons at my home studio, along with playing in the bands Scale The Summit and Ideology.  I am also available for session and touring work, which you can e-mail me about at